Alan McCluskey
A Curriculum Vitae

Personal details

Name Alan McCluskey
Residence Saint-Blaise, Switzerland
Year of birth 1948
Nationality British & Swiss
Languages English and French fluently, German good speaking and reading knowledge.

Key competences

Synthesis Ability to synthesise discussions and texts, bringing out the most important ideas, relating them to each other and making them readily accessible to others.
Creativity Ability to explore, challenge and creatively develop concepts in collective work.
Leadership Ability to engage, motivate and lead people in structured discussion and creative collaborative work.
Organisation Ability to organise thematic meetings and events as a basis for shared learning processes.
Developement Ability to prepare R&D project proposals in collaboration with others and to work on project methods and evaluation.

Evolution of centres of interest

2008 - today Novel writing, publishing, text editing, photography
1994 - today Education, new technologies and the Internet; social impact of technologies; international educational policy-making, governance and modes of evaluation.
1981 - 1993 Video art, screening video art, art teaching, television and publishing
1976 - 1980 Group dynamics, performance arts, photography and video
1970 - 1984 Language teaching, role palying and new audiovisual teaching methods
1966 - 1969 Mathematical studies at University


2012 World o'Tales, vlm 4 of the The Storyteller's Quest. (to be published Autumn 2012)
2012 The Starless Square, vlm. 3 of the The Storyteller's Quest. (to be published Spring 2012)
2011 The Keeper's Daughter, vlm. 2 of the The Storyteller's Quest. (to be published November 2011)
2011 The Reaches, vlm. 1 of the The Storyteller's Quest. (1st edition - April 2011; 2nd edition - August 2011)

Recent major non-research projects & contracts

2002 - 2007 Responsible for international projects for the Swiss Agency for ICT in Education (CTIE) including running various experts groups, drafting reports and position papers, and organising major events like EMINENT in Geneva in 2003
2000 - 2003 President and founder of Saint-Blaise.Net, an association aimed at encouraging the cultural, social and economic development of the village of Saint-Blaise and its region through judicious use of the Internet
2000 - 2004 Responsible for developing the commercial exploitation plan and business plan for Innovation-Tools.Com, a spin-off of the EU funded project "Harmony", aimed at providing networking and structured services to innovation support organisations world-wide.
1999 - 2000 Chief Executive Officer of Xo3, an Internet start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland, developing a business-to-business market place for the sale and delivery of cost-effective, easy-to-use web applications to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
1999 One of the three-person team responsible for preparing and chairing the World Telecom Internet Days, the closing weekend of World Telecom organised by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and devoted to new perspectives on Internet and communications technologies.
1998 - 1999 Responsible for the elaboration of the methodology and evaluation for DIALOGUE, a one-year European Union Information Society Project Office funded project, aimed at involving citizens in democratic processes through Internet use in the towns of Bologna, Ronneby and Lewisham.
1998 Co-ordination of CORE - The Internet Council of Registrars - a not-for-profit organisation with over eighty company members world-wide. Work included active participation in Executive Meetings and regular members' assemblies as well as the management of mailing lists, web sites, database, secretariat, accountancy and overseeing third-party contracts (public relations, lobbying, web design, legal issues including trademarks, ... )

Research work, expertise & evaluation

2007 - 2009 Research worker on the international Palette project for the University of Fribourg dealing with questions of methodology and evaluation.
2007 - 2008 Responsible for developing the peer exchange valorisation methodology on the international P2V project (a two year project funded in the framework of the EU eLearning programme) as well as working on the valorisation and evaluation of the methodology.
2005 - 2006 Methodologist and rapporteur in the European project P2P about peer-reviewing between educational policy makers in the field of ICT in education including peer reviews of Northern Ireland, France and Finland. Working on the peer review methodology and project evaluation.
2003 - 2004 Research work on organisational change in the European funded ERNIST project.
1998 - 2001 Research into the dissemination of results of Information Society related projects funded by OFES over the past thirteen years for (OFES), the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science.
1998 Chairperson of a workshop in Salzburg about best practices in the Information Society organised by the AESOPIAN project, a Telematics Engineering project in the context of Fourth Framework Programme for DGXIII.
1997 Expert in the on-going evaluation of the EXE - Extranet Education - a project funded by the European Union.
1997 Ethnographic research into the functioning of Primary and Infants Schools of the Canton of Geneva for the Educational Research Service (SRED) of the Education Department of the Canton of Geneva.
1995 - 1996 Research on the use of new technologies in adult education in Switzerland - a mandate from the Federal Office for Science and Education in the framework of a wide-ranging study of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) of the OECD in member countries.
1995 Research on trends in distance learning in Swiss Universities - a mandate from the Federal Office for Science and Education. Report for the planning commission of the Swiss Universities Conference:
1995 Expert in the INFO 2000 working group concerned with the future role of the National Awareness Partners Network for DG XIII-E / IMPACT
1995 Expert in the evaluation of the Schools Adopt Monuments project for ISPO - the Information Society Project Office.
1995 Expert in the evaluation of the Mandate project in preparation of the Telematics Engineering Programme for DGXIII.
1995 Research on trends in distance learing in non-university professional education - a mandate from the Federal Office for Science and Education.
1995 Member of the Scientific Committee for Communication Sciences in the European project SIGMA in preparation for the forthcoming SOCRATES programme for DGXXII.

Selected articles & publications

2009 McCluskey A, Configurations for learning and change. Extending the notion of the PLE to concentrate on configurations of apps and practices, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2009 McCluskey A, Evaluation in complex situations, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2009 McCluskey A, Tracing out learning experiences, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2009 McCluskey A, The sharing of links online. An example of the creation of a personal learning environment, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2008 McCluskey A, Building on unforeseen ideas from technology watch, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2008 McCluskey A, Nodes and axes of change in the way technology is used in learning, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2008 McCluskey A, Evaluative moments in the Palette project, UNIFR, Fribourg
2008 McCluskey A, Designing Educational Policies – the Catalonian Report, P2V, Brussels
2007 McCluskey A, Innovation and ICT enabling changes in education, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2007 McCluskey A, Boundaries and peripheries, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2007 McCluskey A, Valorising R&D Results – the Lithuanian Report, P2V, Brussels
2007 McCluskey A, From clockwork to webs of relationships. The relation between policy and practice, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2007 McCluskey A, Schools challenged by Life Long Learning, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2007 McCluskey A, Opening Education to the Future … or rising from the Second Fall from Paradise, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2006 McCluskey A, Three Approaches to the Future of Education, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2006 McCluskey A, The Next Curve: Emerging Issues in Education in The Next Curve, Policy and Innovation in Education, INSIGHT, Brussels
2006 McCluskey A, Knowledge in the Local Community in Networked Neighbourhoods The Connected Community in Context, Edit Prof. Purcell, Springer Verlag, London
2006 McCluskey A, Individuals and Institutions, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2005 McCluskey A, Innovation Policy and Practicein Innovation, Policy and Innovation in Education, INSIGHT, Brussels
2005 McCluskey A, France - Policy Peer reviews ICT in Schools, EUN, Brussels
2005 McCluskey A, Learning from Policy and Practice in a Time of Change, Connected Magazine, Neuchâtel
2005 McCluskey A, Leading in Complex situations in Leadership, Policy and Innovation in Education, INSIGHT, Brussels
2005 McCluskey A, Leadership, Information Gathering and the Future - What if we've got it wrong? in Leadership, Policy and Innovation in Education, INSIGHT, Brussels
2005 McCluskey A, European Schoolnet et la participation suisse. Une évaluation, CTIE, Berne
2005 McCluskey A, Finland - Policy Peer reviews ICT in Schools, EUN, Brussels
2005 McCluskey A, Northern Ireland - Policy Peer reviews ICT in Schools, EUN, Brussels
2005 McCluskey A, Schooling: A sustainable learning organisation? Perceptions and forces at play in institutional change in education in the light of the up-take of ICT, CTIE, Bern
2003 McCluskey A, Plan d'actions e-Pilotage-CH, CTIE, Berne
2001 McCluskey A, e-Pilotage-CH. Que faut-il savoir pour piloter l'innovation lors de l'intégration des nouvelles technologies dans l'enseignement en Suisse? CTIE, Berne
2000 McCluskey A, R&D internationales en nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication. Un bilan sur dix ans de soutien de l'Office fédéral de l'éducation et de la science (1988 - 1997), CORECHED, Berne
1997 McCluskey A, Three articles about the use of the Internet in trade unions and management organisations, in The World of Work, International Labour Organisation (ILO), Geneva
1997 McCluskey A, The Internet, Encarta Encyclopaedia, Microsoft (a 3000 word presentation of the Internet)
1997 McCluskey A, Executive summary of the Technology Summit of ASIA TELECOM, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva
1996 McCluskey A, Executive summary of the Technology Summit of TELECOM '95, International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva
1996 McCluskey A, Learning technologies in companies and administrations in Switzerland. TECFA, Genève, OFES, Berne
A follow-up to the OECD study "New delivery systems and changing demands for education"
1996 McCluskey A. (co-author) Communication to the European Council and Parliament about the impact of the Information Society on industry and services, European Commission DGII, Brussels
1995 Kohlas, Metzger, Peraya, McCluskey, Tendances actuelles de la formation à distance en Suisse et à l'étranger, CPU/CUS, Berne.
1995 McCluskey A, La formation universitaire en Sciences de la communication en Suisse, Projet européen SIGMA. Rapport suisse, TECFA, Genève, OFES, Berne
1995 McCluskey A. (co-author) National Information Content Centres for Europe within the INFO2000 Programme, DGXIII, Luxembourg
1995 McCluskey A, Les voix du multimedia in "Actes du Colloque : Vers la Société de l'Information", Ed. Richard Delmas & Françoise Massit-Folléa, Editions Apogée, Paris

Publishing & editorial work

2011 - today Owner of Secret Paths Editions, publishing novels.
2010 - today Owner of The Text Agency, an agency oferring services to improve English texts especially in the academic field.
2005 - 2008 Editor of the international publication series "Policy and Innovation in Education" - thematic publications covering such themes as: leadership; elearning quality criteria; online evlauation;...
2001 - 2004 Member of the editorial team and designer of the web site of BBW/OFES EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL, an online publication of the Federal Office of Education and Science about international research in the field of new technologies and education.
2001 - 2002 Member of the Editorial Board of EJEISA, the European Journal of Engineering for Information Society Applications.
2001 - 2002 Editor of the ARIADNE news letter in Engtlish and French for the ARIADNE foundation, a former EU funded project that has created a structured network for remote authoring and teaching.
1997 - 1999 Contributing editor of OnTheInternet the international magazine of the Internet Society. Publication of a number of articles about Internet governance, electronic commerce and the use of the Internet in developing countries.
1997 Guest editor of a special edition of OnTheInternet about the Internet in developing countries.
1997 - 2000 Member of the Editorial Board of NECTAR a Telematics engineering project of the European Union's 4th Framework Programe. A series of five articles about teleworking and related projects.
1997 - 1999 Correspondent on Internet issues for EEMA Briefings the official magazine of the European Electronic Messaging Association (EEMA)
1996 - today Editor and main contributor to Connected Magazine an online magazine about the impact of new technologies on society.
1995 Coordination and layout of the book Wirksamkeitsanalyse von Bildungssystemen, Ed. Uri Peter Trier, NRP33, Bern 1995
1992 - 1993 Founder and chief editor of scope magazine, European bilingual magazine about electronic audio-visual creation.
1986 - 1992 Head of Info Service a monthly bilingual bulletin about creative video in Europe.
1986 - 1992 Chief editor of Gen Lock a quarterly magazine in French about creative video.

Web design & management of on-line discussion groups

2011 Creation of a constellation of four blogs on incorporating an author's blog, a photoblog, a gallery and a blog for book reviews as well as an online shop and a newsletter.
2010 - 2011 Animation of online discussion groups and management of an online social networking platform (ELGG) for the Education Commission of the SATW.
2009 Creation of the Secret Paths Photo Blog an experiment in the relationship between photos and fragments of fiction.
2009 Creation of the Secret Paths web site for photos and novels written by Alan McCluskey.
2000 - 2005 Creator and webmaster of the web site of
1999 Oversight of the restructuring of the ISOCGVA website for the Geneva Chapter of the Internet Society.
1998 - 1999 Animation of the internal project discussion list for the DIALOGUE project..
1998 Management of ten on-line working groups, mailing lists and distribution lists for CORE, the Internet Council of Registrars
1998 Oversight of the creation of the CORE website for Internet Council of Registrars.
1997 - 1998 Management of the Chapters and New Chapters discussion lists of the Internet Society
1997 Creation of the concept of the cyberForum, an on-line environment for the Forum Division of the ITU TELECOM.
1996 - today Design and creation of the Connected Magazine Web site, presenting news and views from the connected world. Information and articles about the Information Society and its use by the lay-user.
1996 - 1997 Moderation and animation of the list entitled: "New work opportunities in the Information Society" for European Telework On-Line (ETO)
1996 - 1997 Partial restructuring of the European Telework On-line (ETO) web site.

Information Society Activities

2001 - 2005 Member of the steering committee of the Swiss participation in European Schoolnet (EUN-CH)
1999 - 2001 President of the Geneva Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC).
1999 President of the European Coordination of Chapters of the Internet Society (ISOC).
1997 - 1998 Member of the organising committee of INET'98 , the annual Internet Society event to be held in Geneva in 1998. Chairperson, responsible for media relations.
1996 - 1997 Member of the programme committee of TELECOM Interactive '97 for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
1996 - 1999 Member of the Board of the Geneva Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC) - responsible for organising monthly events.
1996 - 1997 Member of the multidisciplinary discussion group on Internet related matters, IDEAS
1994 Member of the Round Table Nº8 - "The role of users in the Information Society" - and Round Table Nº2 -"Citizen needs for world-wide basic services " - in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding between pan-European ICT user groups in collaboration with DGXIII
1994 Speaker in the Symposium "Vers la Société de l'Information" organised in Paris by the Centre National d'Evaluation and DGXIII.

TV, video art & photos

2009 Individual photo exhibition at the Centre de Santé de Colombier, Colombier, Switzerland, entitled "Mémoire de l'eau".
2009 Individual photo exhibition at the CAC Voltaire, Geneva, Switzerland, entitled "Eau Vive" in association with the Biennale Libre de l'image en Mouvement.
1992 - 1993 Founder and co-ordinator of EVS (European Video Services), a European network bringing together fifty organisations working in the field of electronic audio-visual creation.
1990 -1992 One of the three initiators of the Cent Lieux project aimed at creating a hundred regular creative video screening theatres across Europe.
1986 - 1992 Jury member in a number of international video art festivals.
1982 - 1985 Director of ten short programmes for the Télévision suisse romande about artists.
1982 - 1988 Director of six art videos presented in various international video festivals in Europe.
1989 - 1993 Member of the Swiss Federal Commission "Prime à la qualité", a federal body offering awards to Swiss made films on the basis of their quality.
1986 -1992 Creator, president and subsequently full-time coordinator of Gen Lock, Association for Video Creation, Geneva. (organisation of screenings, meetings, events, training, publications,....)
1985 Co-organiser of the first International Video Week held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Lecturing & teaching

2001 -2003 Lecturer at the University of Fribourg in the sociology of the Internet giving a course entitled "The experience of Internet: perception, usage and impact.
1995 -1998 Courses for journalists about Internet use, writing HTML and information research in the framework of the Centre romand de formation de journalistes
1988 -1990 Teacher and member of steering committee of the DAVI (Audio-visual and infographics department of the Ecole cantonale d'Art de Lausanne).
1986 -1988 Member of the commission responsible for elaborating the teaching programme and the setting up of the DAVI.
1970 -1986 Teacher of English as a foreign language (mostly for adults and young adults) with special attention to dynamic learning methods such as role playing as well as the creation and use of audiovisual material (in France and in Switzerland)

Diplomas & studies

1993 - 1994 Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Neuchâtel University, Switzerland.
1993 - 1994 Arts school, audio-visual section, Geneva, Switzerland.
1966 - 1969 Honours Degree in Mathematics, Hull University, England.

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