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Linkedin and Twittter

Linkedin are proud to announce that members of Linkedin can now post directly to Twitter and vice versa. How silly of them! My first reaction was to find out how to turn off all the Twitter postings in my Linkedin RSS alerts. I haven't yet found out how to do it.

The cross posting between different social networking sites supposedly because the more people who see what you write the merrier fails to realise that sites have their specific uses and that these don't always go together. For example, wide-scale posting of links on Facebook would be better done using DIIGO or the like. It could work on Facebook, if such displaying of links (some people post more than twenty a day) were somehow fenced in in a specific space but that didn't add additional noise to the general news feed. Of course, if you have something special to point out or comment on, that's a different matter.

In a similar way, the retransmission of Twitter postings on Linkedin seems to me to be misplaced. I admit I use Linkedin less than I do Facebook, it is not so suited to what I want to say and see, but I do use it to get in contact with people and to see who is in contact with whom. Incomprehensible Twitter postings, and many of them are, let's face it, unless you're in the know, just come like irritating noise that gets in the way. Maybe the people over at Linkedin should stop and have a think about what their users want to share and why.

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learning + networked society + dossiers + extra
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