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Ambient "schooling": putting learning back into life.
Alan McCluskey - 25 May 03
"Anyone got a can-opener?" Opening up the Internet
Ideas about learning and Internet in the context of developing countries.
Alan McCluskey - 2 Oct 96
Are we learning or managing competences?
Forms of evaluation: from schools to project management.
Alan McCluskey - 15 Feb 99
Backwards Engineering - When the Solution dictates the Problem
Alan McCluskey - 29 Aug 07
Boundaries and Peripheries
Alan McCluskey - 29 Nov 07
Building for the long term
Moving beyond assumptions in decision making
Alan McCluskey - 8 Nov 96
Configurations for learning and change
Extending the notion of the PLE to concentrate on configurations of apps and practices
Alan McCluskey - 20 June 09
Developing a vision for the future of institutionalised education
Thoughts after the SATW Gwatt meeting about the information society
Alan McCluskey - 7 February 03
Diagram of a P(L)E
Alan McCluskey - 23 June 09
Do Swiss Computer Science studies need a new strategy?
Alan McCluskey - 12 March 06
Emotional Intelligence
An introduction. What exactly is emotional intelligence? And can it be taught and if so where?
Alan McCluskey - 6 March 96
Emotional Intelligence in Schools
Can emotional intelligence be taught in schools? What sort of subjets would that imply?
Alan McCluskey - 6 March 96
Emotional skills on the Internet
What emotional skills are required for those who use the Internet? And how can these skills be acquired?
Alan McCluskey - 6 March 96
From the maker of Connected Magazine:
Evaluation in complex situations
Alan McCluskey - 5 January 09
Exciting challenges of a holistic approach to e-twinning
Alan McCluskey - 17 July 04
From being touched to bearing witness
Alan McCluskey - 11 November 00
From peer reviewing to transformation of policy and practice
Alan McCluskey - 4 November 05
From clockwork to webs of relationships
The relation between policy and practice
Alan McCluskey - 4 November 07
What is meant when we talk of "fun" in education?
Alan McCluskey - 16 January 06
In search of lost values
Alan McCluskey - 6 December 06
In the throes of generalisation.
Thoughts about knowledge management inspired by the AESOPIAN project.
Alan McCluskey - 13 June 96
Innovation and ICT enabling changes in education
Alan McCluskey - 4 December 07
The innovation mindset .
An example of negotiating meaning in a group
Alan McCluskey - 11 Nov 07
Introducing new ideas in companies and administrations .
Creating innovative companies and administrations using simple tools like the Web and e-mail
Alan McCluskey - 25 Feb 96
Knowledge and the Local Community
Anchoring learning in personal experience and the local community
Alan McCluskey - 26 Nov 00
Knowledge Management
On fixing or not fixing knowledge as a solution to corporate knowledge management problems
Alan McCluskey - 8 Dec 98
Leadership, information gathering and the future - what if we've got it wrong?
Alan McCluskey - 6 Oct 04
Leading in complex situations
Thoughts about Michael Fullan's book "Leading in a Culture of Change"
Alan McCluskey - 8 Aug 04
Learning: There's an App for that!
Alan McCluskey - 16 April 10
Learning from policy and practice in a time of change
A personal perspective on Xchange 2005
Alan McCluskey - 20 Oct 05
Learning in dissolving boundaries.
Alan McCluskey - 21 Oct 11
Learning in the Information Society.
About forms of knowledge and the necessary changes in profile of learning in the so-called Information Society.
Alan McCluskey - 15 Jan 96
Learning Moments
Alan McCluskey - 24 April 10
The next curve
Emerging issues in education
Alan McCluskey - 13 Dec 05
Nine lessons of schooling… or why school isn't what you think it is
Alan McCluskey - 20 Aug 07
Open Sourcing Ideas
A hacker approach to working, learning and writing
Alan McCluskey - 9 Feb 02
Opening Education to the Future
Alan McCluskey - 18 May 07
Opening schools to soft skills
Alan McCluskey - 12 Feb 02
People Learning.
A couple of ways of bypassing institutionalised learning to enable personal growth and learning.
Alan McCluskey - 22 Aug 96
Going beyond emotional intelligence
Alan McCluskey - 28 April 00
Questioning the Nature of Learning
Alan McCluskey - 13 Mar 11
Schools challenged by Life Long Learning
Alan McCluskey - 20 Aug 07
The sharing of links online
An example of the creation of a personal learning environment
Alan McCluskey - 6 May 09
Spreading network skills
An interview with Jill Foster, director of Netskills and leader of the Network Services Track of the Internet Society's Development Workshop.
Jill Foster - 22 Aug 96
Stepping down from the watchtower
About the role of observatories in decision-making processes in education
Alan McCluskey - 18 Oct 04
Teacher's new "PET"
... or the advent of Peripatetic Electronic Teachers
Prof. David Squires - 20 April 00
Tracing out learning experiences
Alan McCluskey - 14 May 09
Trancendent Intelligence
from the material to the immaterial to the Ineffable
Alan McCluskey - 02 Feb 02
Trees of knowledge
Pierre Lévy develops the idea of a visual language seen as a computer assisted imagination and provides a concrete example with the "Trees of Knowledge".
Pierre Lévy - Dec 92
The voice of "authority": beyond the power words
Comments on Martin Bangemann's speech "The information society: an opportunity for education and training and the promotion of Europe's culture".
Alan McCluskey - 27 May 96
Three approaches to the future of education
Alan McCluskey - 4 December 06
Two tracks for a learning society
Alan McCluskey - 21 September 02
You talked of best practices?
What role do best pratices play in knowledge management?
Alan McCluskey - 31 Oct 98
A wisdom beyond knowing
What form would knowledge take if we were to shift to a more all-embracing form of knowing?
Alan McCluskey - 14 March 98
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